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I’ll be kinda relieved when Halloween is over, b/c I’ve already watched John Carpenter’s original three times and Halloween H2O, (second favorite), twice.  I wanted to see the new Fright Night but am too cheap to pay for it.  So, my choices for the actual big day will be limited to Sleepaway Camp or gulp, Elvira, Mistress of Darkness which I started to play and then Tim told me it was too stupid to watch.



Movies I love, like books, always leave me wishing I could do it again for the  first time.  But considering how many frogs you have to kiss to find a good one in either category I guess there’s just not enough time.


Agatha Christie

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SO, am re-reading Dead Man’s Folly after a year-long hiatus from Christie and have to ask myself, what makes this so good? (although according to some it isn’t that good by Christie standards).  Doesnt matter, I’ll keep reading.  I’m a sucker for 1) English villages; 2) village fetes; 3) country manor houses and 4) Murder Hunts.  If you put two or more of those elements in a book I can guarantee you I will pick it up (might not actually read the whole thing, but it will go in my inbox.)


Are there common elements in a book that get you every time???  In other words, how do you know when it’s lurve???

Ichabod Crane

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Stephanie, Alone

In Book Reviews on October 25, 2012 at 10:45 pm

Recently finished Emily, Alone by Stewart O’Nan with mixed feelings.  Dude can seriously write, I kept turning pages which is the ultimate compliment, but I got a little bogged down in minutae.  It seemed exhaustive detail at times, and I thought he  could’ve taken some risks instead of making everything so cyclical.  But the battle b/w mom and daughter certainly rang true, and it was enjoyable and worth the read particularly if you’re into mature fiction.

In the moment.

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I’m currently re-reading Sarah Caudwell’s The Sybil in Her Grave.  Not her finest, but the characters are so wonderfully depraved I’ll overlook it.  I love the way she gives the females some traditionally male characteristics and vice-versa.  It’s hysterical.  I’d add some quotes but I think it’s against a rule somewhere.  The Rule Against Perpetuities, maybe?  It’s been awhile since law school.


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Okay, I know it’s early, but I already have the decorations out (except for Zombie Fred, who scares the kiddies). I’ve been in the Halloween mood and recently re-watched the all-time best Halloween movie ever….

wait for it….

Halloween.  Duh. Even for horror movie wimps like me (yes, the ads for Sinister are terrifying!!!) I can handle this 1978 classic.  It scares me but also comforts me, and for me, comfort, whether it’s from a book or movie is what makes it worth revisiting.  It’s like eating McDonald’s or Reese’s peanut butter cups, or those ubiquitous taffy candies w/ the PB in the middle, it’s always the same.  No matter how many times you’ve gone back it always tastes like childhood.  So, let’s have another.  I’m ready for Halloween II, and possibly Halloween H2O if I get really brave or buzzed on candy and will leave you w/a question. 

What Halloween movie is a tradition for you?