Stephanie McCarthy

Gaudy Night

In Book Reviews on November 18, 2012 at 4:43 pm

I just read a rapturous review of Gaudy Night on a blogsite and felt compelled to join in the exaltation.


Gaudy Night is one of my favorite books on the planet.


It’s witty, subtle, sweet, acid, interesting, and romantic.  Sir Peter Wimsey is one of the most interesting protagonists in literature and Harriet Vane only slightly less so.  The representations of Oxford in the 30’s are so vivid I can almost smell the crisp air, feel the crunch of the leaves and see the punts. It reminds me of college and bonfires, the exciting possibilities of academia… the world laid open in front of you like candy in a shop.

Gaudy is everything I want all my books to be but sooooo few are.  It’s ruined me in a way since the standards Sayers sets are almost impossible for any writer to attain.  Believe me, I’ve read A LOT of mysteries.  Tons, like all readers I’m always looking for that one book… you know the one.  The one that sets the tone for all of your Amazon searches and library visits.  As a reader and a writer, I believe I have an obligation to make recommendations based on experience and can urge every person reading this (hi, mom), to go out and get a copy of Gaudy Night, posthaste (LOVE saying posthaste; can’t say it at home, get the you-crazy look).



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