Stephanie McCarthy

A Cup of Tey

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2012 at 6:29 pm

One of the classic writers from the Golden Era who is frequently overlooked (along w/ Ngaio Marsh), is Josephine Tey.   I recently revisited Ms. Tey and was delighted as ever.  Miss Pym Disposes is exquisite, as tidy and cozy as a cup of tea and plate of cucumber sandwiches.  I couldn’t help but think of Barbara Pym as the protagonist (although it was written prior to Ms. Pym’s debut, I believe) and that just added to the fun.  The dialogue is tight and fast and the students presented are utterly believable in a total girl school kind of way.  I enjoyed the psychology of the book, put me in mind of Gaudy Night on a small scale.


Now that I’m into short stories, I need to find my copy of Murder for Christmas.  I love Nero Wolfe dressing up as Santa although the premise is a bit implausible.


What do you think, short stories or novel???  Do we still have time to read the whole thing?


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