Stephanie McCarthy

The Murder Weekend

In Fun Stuff on January 12, 2013 at 6:53 pm

The Murder Weekend

These Old Country Houses,

so drafty and cold;

And there’s always a murder,

or so I’ve been told.

The bedroom seems quiet,

there’s nothing to fear;

Except old Simeon Lee,

sliced ear to ear.

Race to the library,

Where is that phone?

Next to Adele Fortescue,

And a half-eaten scone.

The parlor is next,

I’ll climb through the window;

over M. Shaitana,

And his jeweled stiletto!

Out the front door now,

I’m free at last!

I’ll just wait in that boathouse,

’til the danger has passed.

But it’s Man’s Folly,

to think I can forge;

the solution to these crimes,

Why, hello, Sir George.

By Stephanie McCarthy


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