Stephanie McCarthy

Clues Most Christie

In Christie, Fun Stuff on January 16, 2013 at 2:31 am

Missing keys, fuse box, locked terrace door;

foreign hikers, cookbook, stethoscope, and more;

German matchbox, dental charts and rose-bush make three,

Pairs of gloves, that is, and The Life of Disraeli.

The broken mirror, the missing lamp, my house is such a mess!

Monkey’s paws and burnt script, who will confess?

Voodoo books, the Ace of Spades and a broken lift

A box of poisoned chocolates, oh my, what a gift!

A pocketful of rye you say?  And clothes pin on the nose,

Look underneath the bed, a trunk full of clothes!

A pair of size-five shoes, sitting on the shelf,

Ma foi!  Mon Dieu, mon ami.  Murder arranges itself.

-Stephanie McCarthy, Love is Murder


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