Stephanie McCarthy

Manhattan Murder Mystery

In Shows on January 19, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Manhattan Murder Mystery is a Woody Allen film starring Woody Allen and Diane Keaton as two neurotic New Yorkers who believe their mild-mannered next door neighbor has murdered his wife.  The film was originally written for Mia Farrow, but when the relationship went south Allen turned to Diane Keaton.


Good choice.


I absolutely love Diane Keaton in this role, she’s fabulous.  And Woody Allen, of course, plays Woody Allen.  The dialogue is witty and fun, with much of it making fun of New Yorkers.  Most of the film uses handheld cameras which tightens the action and heightens the suspense (also gives great views of Greenwich village and the Upper West Side).  It’s a classic detective story, so if you’re looking for something that steps out of genre, keep looking.  It strikes all the right notes with the bumbling detectives literally stumbling over bodies as they show us “real people” turned into master(less) sleuths.


Larry Lipton: You’re suggesting we try to provoke him into murdering us?
Marcia Fox: You have a problem with that?
Larry Lipton: Well, either that, or I suddenly developed Parkinson’s.

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