Stephanie McCarthy

Pym’s Prandials

In Pym on January 31, 2013 at 2:35 am

Pym’s Prandials

Fairy cakes, sponge cakes and clotted cream,

Boiled chicken in white sauce, a clergyman’s dream.

Fish cakes, sausage rolls, bangers and mash,

Stewed apples,  baked beans, watch the cigarette ash!

Potatoes with greens served up with mince,

Oxtail in a basin, jars of jelly quince.

Cauliflower cheese, bouef ala mode,

No love apples for Aylwin; Mark can’t take toad.

Mrs. Bone has Mildred in for a meal,

Always eat your enemies, says the latter with zeal.

The way to a man’s heart- never much fun,

But those Excellent Women get the job done.

-Stephanie McCarthy, Love is Murder


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