Stephanie McCarthy

DS James Hathaway

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2013 at 5:42 pm

DS James Hathaway a/k/a Laurence Fox
“shy around women, sensitive and a bit naive”

Nicknames: “Attaway-Hathaway”

‘W.C.’ – short for ‘Wolfgang Christ’ – because he “didn’t know whether he wanted to be Mozart or Jesus”.

DI Robert Lewis: [Reading from a flyer] ‘The Ashmolean presents Marion Hammond: Fallen’ question mark… a meditation on postlapsarian female gender identity.
DS James Hathaway: Opens this week. I’ve got tickets.
DI Robert Lewis: The same Marion who left messages on her answering machine?
DS James Hathaway: Professional iconoclast. Socialphoto-anthropologist cultural pundit.
DI Robert Lewis: Oxford type there?
DS James Hathaway: [Emphatically] Oh, yeah.

Those steely eyes, that mouth, the wide brow, and …world music? Erudite, understated and elegant, Hathaway is the perfect foil to Inspector Lewis with his bluff practicality and public school approach to life. Lewis’ scathing denunciations of academia are deliciously offset by Hathaway’s pithy observations and quotations. These two are the perfect combination of tart and tangy, and both so scumptiously old-school they make you want to hang up your tie and put a sock on the door.

Not now, dear, Inspector Lewis is on.


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